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Made in Texas USA

The Original

THE MINI MASK, best face mask, made in usa

" Quality Never Goes Out Of Style ", best face mask, made in usa

* Custom design contours the face

* One layer polyester / cotton fabric

* Seals on the side of the face

* Seals around the chin

* Very breathable - Lightweight fabric

* Stylish and comfortable to wear

* Special design reduces skin coverage

* Our most popular style

* Hang around neck when not in use

* Over the ear cord

* Adjustable cord slider for perfect fit

* Cord can be modified to go around ear

* Our most comfortable mask

* Lightweight fabric - Easy breathing

* Designed for people wearing masks daily

* Compliant with social control orders

* Good for men with chin beard

The Mini Mask proprietary design is a winner. The concept was created to contour the shape of the face. Minimizing  fabric coverage and easy breathing were key design objectives. The most popular mask we make.

THOR Health Mask has created functional and comfortable face masks by using natural design criteria with the application of select fabrics.

Innovative * Functional * Comfortable * Breathable



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Face mask for men with beards,


* Perfect for men with beards

* Over the ear adjustable cord

* Very comfortable to wear

* Single layer polyester / cotton fabric

* Hang around neck on standby

* Fabric is easy to breath through

* Original proprietary design

* Meets all social control mandates

* Cord can be modified around ear

* ZZ TOP approved

Distance top to bottom is 6 inches.

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